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Hello Everyone!

2017-04-29 15:22:34 by TheTrailHunters

Hello Everyone,

I have started a YouTube channel where I make a Short Story a day, Render 3D art in Unreal Engine 4, write and perform a piano composition and voice act my work each day for a video a day. It would mean so much to me to get the support to grow my channel, and I've been working hard to treat this option as a serious endeavor. I've added captions to each video to increase the likelihood of the YouTube search algorithms and to generate a following of my hard-of-hearing fanbase.

I recently got laid off. I used to work as a V.R. Game Developer for a small indie team that I'm not going to name because I don't want them getting anymore recognition. I used to write, 3D model and pretty much do anything they slacked off on before I got laid off for having a mental breakdown and roasting the shit out of everyone over a petty argument they started. It all began with Tiffany being a fat piece of shit, trying to start drama because of her wasted years of being a failed graphic designer. I would often tell her it's not the world's fault that she got an Art degree that's not even worth the paper it's printed on and because of this, she often had it out for me. After stumbling in late one day due to personal stresses (I had recently gotten diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and I've been trying to deal and cope with that business) I realized that everyone at the office was tense and arguing over nothing. To be honest, I'm still unsure as to what they were arguing about but due to the fact that I stumbled in, in only my sweat pants, a torn stained T-shirt, unshaven stubble and my hair matted down from the hours of video-gaming I did the night before due to my headset, they all began pointing their fingers at me and blaming the projects failed deadline expectations on my performance even though I'd contributed and helped more than everyone at the office. To them I was nothing more than a cancer-ridden scape-goat and who better to lose his job than the guy who's probably not going to even make it past the next 6 months. 

That's when I just let them have it, completely unrestricted. 

Firstly, I felt as if it were imperative to me to make absolutely sure that Tiffany was reminded of how worthless she truly was because of the fact that she was laughing and smirking the entire time everyone was pointing blame towards me. I reminded the team of her inability to not only meet her own graphic design deadlines but of also her inability to be a human being. I mean, seriously. 27 years old, no kids, lives at home and still can't seem to get ahead in life? Perhaps it's because of all the time she wastes stuffing her face with greasy fast food, stale bagels and gourmet desserts for 5 while watching her buzz-feed "Listicles" as she called them while she crying about how the patriarchy makes it impossible for her to get a good job on her shitty degree without realizing that not only does she have no drive, no skill, no friends and no talent but she's also got no capability of being a decent human being with how often and unrestricted she yells at anyone that even so much as looks in her direction. Perhaps that's because of all the insecurities she's developed over the years of having one-night stands in bars that are even lower in quality than the bar she sets for all the disgusting pigs she sleeps with. 

So then I moved on to Aiden.

I reminded him of how the only reason he was even given a position to work anywhere was because of his insane talent (Granted his ONLY talent) of being able to leech off of those with an actual direction and purpose in life. Often times, I would find him doing nothing but sitting at his computer and watching re-runs of the Trailer Park Boys, probably because it reminds him of his less than adequate white trash trailer that he didn't even own but rented from his uncle who I believe only helped him only because he was trying to keep Aiden quiet about all the times he "played" him like he was the little submissive girl he truly is. I'm sure that not only can his best asset stretch 4 inches in diameter, but he can also swallow like no one's business with how often he would lick our boss's balls and brown nose so deeply you couldn't even see his entire head because it was often up our boss's butt.

And don't even get me started on Jack. To be honest, I listed off so many ridiculous things that Jack has done that I'm almost overwhelmed to begin writing about it all over again, not because I feel bad, but because it would probably take me more time than I'm willing to waste on such a terrible excuse for a human being considering how little time I have left due to my cancer. More often than sometimes, whenever I was demanded to work alongside Jack I would frequently try to look for anyone else to pawn that responsibility off to because of the pure amount of radiation that Jack's stupidity with project to all of those closest to him. Let me give you an example of how pronounced this irradiated field of lower intelligence that Jack possessed was, I started working more closely with Jack about 6 weeks ago, yet coincidentally got diagnosed with cancer 4 weeks ago. Is that just a coincidence? I think not. Not only am I absolutely certain that Jack gave me literal CANCER, but I'm actually glad that I'm dying so that I can get away from this horrible literal manifestation of feces in a human form. Only through death do I feel that I can escape his powerful field of stupidity because I am completely convinced that now due to his Ego being inflated by the acoustic members of the team around him, the Geiger counter measuring the Jack-Intelligence-Zero-Zag radiation (Otherwise measured as JIZZ) is exploding in radiation particles that now envelope the world. 

So in this sense, I'm starting a brand new journey and adventure on my own.  :)

So, that's who I am! I'll post a short story a day here and try to listen to the feedback of other members and post a video a day for everyone to enjoy, be sure to check out my channel!